Adam Levine is not the only one: Drake, LeBron, and Justin Bieber are amongst celebs who got caught sliding into DMs

Adam Levine is the latest celebrity to have for sliding into fans DMs in search of something other than friendship. But he certainly isn't the first, nor will he be the last. Here are examples of other celebrities that were called out online for coming onto attractive women's private messages in an unsolicited manner.

LeBron James, Ben Affleck, Salman Rushdie, and Justin Bieber are some of the celebs that have had their online activity called out for the public to see (and judge). Well into the 2020's, with the evolution of pop culture and social media, these cases seem to happen less. Especially because one can never trust the message recipient to keep things private...

Ben Affleck and his stint on dating app Raya

Model Nivine Jay created one of the most viral TikTok videos of the year at . "Remembering the time I unfriended Ben Affleck on (dating app) Raya because I thought it was fake, and he messaged me privately".

Ben Affleck's publicist later denied it was true saying he hadn't used the app in years, althought the authenticity of the video at the end is undeniable. "Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It's me", he says at the end of the recording.

When Drake slid into Mia Khalifa's DMs

Canadian got caught in 2015. The porn star turned podcaster Mia Khalifa called out the multi-platinum artist for supposedly sending her a "half-naked" picture of himself to her in an attempt to sway her. Khalifa called the attempt "cringeworthy" so it likely didn't go anywhere.

Unfortunately, so screenshots ever emerged, but Drake himself never denied this so it is likely true. And also, why not? If anyone should shoot their shot, it should be this man.

When Justin Bieber fell in love with a gym employee

A small gym in Savannah, with around 100 Instagram followers, received a DM from the very verified official account of none other. The pop star happened to stumble onto the latest post of one of the gym's employees. In his message, Justin Bieber simply asked: "Who is that girl in your latest post? (heart emoji)".

The girl called Jessi Gober was not impressed, and she blasted the Biebs for everyone to see. This was in 2017, right before Justin and Selena Gomez would get together for the last time.

When LeBron slid into IG model Rachel Bush's DMs

LeBron James has been married, his high-school sweetheart, since 2013. So the GOAT of basketball had to be strategic with his attempts and DM slides. "Hey! What's up"", is all his messages said. Which makes sense, if he was too forward, he would have had some serious explaining to do back home with his wife.

So LeBron kept it G-rated, which is good considering that had no problem sharing the screenshot of his message with all of her followers and the internet.

Author Salman Rushdie once texted "so gorgeous and hot!"

Salman Rushdie, who sadly made headlines this year after onstage, has apparently called reality star Devorah Rose "so gorgeous and hottt!" over Facebook messenger.

It's understandable that the prize-winning author was just saving his more elaborate words for his literary works.

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