Ellen's Uncontainable Laughter: 8 Hilarious Moments that Left Her in Tears on 'The Ellen Show'

This article discusses eight instances in which Ellen DeGeneres, the host of "The Ellen Show," laughed so hard that she was brought to tears. The content of the article is summarized, in English, within 400 words while keeping the main idea intact.

Ellen DeGeneres, renowned for her humor and contagious laughter, has had numerous moments on her talk show where she laughed so hard that she ended up in tears. Here are eight instances of Ellen's uncontrollable laughter on "The Ellen Show."

1. The first incident happened when Ellen featured a video of a young girl who tried to say the word "kettle" but instead repeatedly said "hell," causing Ellen to burst into hysterical laughter.

2. Another memorable moment occurred during a segment called "Celebrity Scares" when Ellen's longtime executive producer, Andy Lassner, got scared by a haunted house. Ellen's uncontrollable laughter became even more intense as she saw Andy's terrified reaction.

3. Ellen's laughter reached its peak when she interviewed actor Ryan Gosling. During the interview, Ryan recounted a story about a hilarious prank he played on his mother involving a cappuccino machine, leaving Ellen in extreme fits of laughter.

4. The fourth incident involved a game called "Speak Out," where Ellen and her guest, Sarah Paulson, had to wear mouthguards and attempt to communicate. The absurdity of the situation, paired with Sarah's funny expressions, led Ellen to laugh until tears streamed down her face.

5. Ellen's famous scares returned when she scared her executive producer, Andy, while in a bathroom stall. The combination of the unexpected scare and Andy's over-the-top reaction had Ellen laughing uncontrollably.

6. During an interview with Tom Hanks, Ellen showed a clip of his latest film, where Tom's character attempts to say a French phrase. Tom's pronunciation, mixed with Ellen's infectious laughter, created a moment of utter hilarity on the show.

7. Ellen lost it once again when Steve Carell appeared on her show. The comedic duo played a game where they had to guess words written on cards while wearing noise-canceling headphones. Steve's funny gestures and attempts to communicate had Ellen laughing non-stop.

8. The final instance of Ellen's tear-inducing laughter happened when Julia Roberts joined her on the show. Both hilarious women played a game of "Face Balls," which involved throwing balls at each other's faces while wearing funny masks. Their reactions and the absurdity of the game had Ellen laughing so hard that she cried.

These eight memorable moments on "The Ellen Show" not only showcase Ellen DeGeneres' infectious laughter but also reflect the joy she brings to her audience and guests. With her genuine and contagious sense of humor, Ellen consistently spreads laughter and happiness in the world of entertainment.

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