Joe Jonas Refutes Claims That Sophie Turner Was Informed of Divorce via Media Reports

Joe Jonas has refuted claims that his ex-wife Sophie Turner learned of their divorce filing through the media. The musician took to social media to dispute the widely circulated rumors surrounding their separation. The couple, who tied the knot in 2019 and recently welcomed a daughter named Willa, filed for divorce last week. However, speculations arose suggesting that Turner had discovered the news from external sources rather than directly from Jonas.

In response to these rumors, Jonas expressed his disbelief and emphasized that the conjectures were entirely false. Taking to his Instagram Stories, he wrote, "Nope. Nada. Fake news." The singer clarified that he and Turner had personally informed their loved ones about their divorce prior to any external leakage of information. Jonas also affirmed that the breakup between him and his former Game of Thrones star wife was an amicable one, stating, "Get your facts straight. We are chill."

This clarification from Jonas comes after several reports suggested that Turner was blindsided by news of the divorce. Further rumors circulated claiming that Turner was the one who initiated the end of their marriage. However, the couple has opted to keep the reasons behind their split private, not addressing any specific details publicly.

Jonas' denial also provides some insight into the amicable nature of their separation and life post-divorce. The musician's choice to publicly refute the rumors indicates a desire on his part to set the record straight and maintain a positive rapport with Turner. As they navigate the process of co-parenting their young daughter, both parties appear to be committed to fostering a healthy dynamic.

Throughout their relationship, Jonas and Turner have largely kept their personal lives away from the public eye. However, given their high-profile status, some level of media attention is inevitable. Therefore, it is crucial for the couple to address false speculations and ensure the public is aware of the reality of their situation.

With this recent public statement, Joe Jonas has made it clear that Sophie Turner was not blindsided by their divorce filing and that the media's narrative is entirely fictitious. The couple continues to prioritize their daughter's well-being and maintain a respectful post-divorce relationship. By dispelling the rumors, Jonas has reinforced the notion that it is important to rely on accurate sources when discussing sensitive matters such as divorce.

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