Famous Guests Who Threw Shade on Ellen Degeneres' Talk Show

Several celebrities have reportedly insulted talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on her own show. This article provides a summary of these incidents, highlighting the disrespectful behavior exhibited by these individuals.

The first incident mentioned in the article involved actor Harrison Ford. During his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ford made a sarcastic comment about DeGeneres' footwear, suggesting that she had borrowed it from him for the day. While this may have been meant as a joke, it was seen by some as a subtle insult towards the host.

Next, the article describes an incident involving comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld, during his appearance on the show, appeared to mock DeGeneres' voice and mannerisms. Although this could have been an attempt at humor, it was perceived by many as a disrespectful act towards the host.

The third incident involved actor Tom Hanks, who reportedly insulted DeGeneres by calling her a "sneaky lady" during his appearance on her show. The comment was made in a light-hearted manner, but some viewers interpreted it as an insult or a slight towards DeGeneres.

Furthermore, the article mentions singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who allegedly insulted DeGeneres by criticizing her dancing skills. This comment was made when DeGeneres asked Lopez about the Instagram video she had posted showcasing her dance moves. Lopez responded by saying that DeGeneres should stick to her strengths as a comedian rather than attempting to dance.

Finally, the article highlights an incident involving actor Ashton Kutcher. During his appearance on the show, Kutcher insulted DeGeneres by making a comment about her weight. He stated that she looked "larger in person" than she did on television. This comment was widely criticized as body-shaming and offensive.

In summary, this article discusses several instances where celebrities allegedly insulted or disrespected Ellen DeGeneres on her own show. These incidents include sarcastic comments about her footwear, mocking her voice and mannerisms, referring to her as a "sneaky lady," criticizing her dancing skills, and making offensive remarks about her weight. While some of these incidents may have been intended as jokes, they were perceived by many as disrespectful acts towards the talk show host.

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