Unraveling the Mysteries: 7 Curiosities Surrounding Adele's Captivating 'Hello' Music Video


This article discusses the video for Adele's hit song "Hello" and poses seven questions about its content. The questions revolve around various aspects of the video, including its setting, plot, and Adele's emotional performance.

The first question raised is about the video's setting. The article suggests that the landscape shown in the video appears to be South America or Africa, based on the dilapidated house and the lush vegetation. However, the actual location is not revealed in the video or any information related to it.

The second question focuses on the plot of the video. The article wonders what exactly is going on between Adele and her love interest, played by actor Tristan Wilds.


Both characters seem to be haunted by their past and their interactions are emotionally charged. The article questions whether they are former lovers or simply old friends.

The third question relates to the time period in which the video is set. Adele is seen using a flip phone, suggesting that the video is set in the past. However, it is unclear whether this was a deliberate choice or simply a nostalgic element added to the video.

The fourth question revolves around Adele's emotional performance in the video. The article marvels at the raw intensity of Adele's vocals and ponders whether she drew from personal experiences to convey such powerful emotions.


It also questions whether the tears shed by Adele during the video were genuine or part of her acting.

The fifth question explores the significance of the repeated imagery of rain in the video. Rain is shown pouring down in several scenes, adding to the melancholic atmosphere. The article speculates whether the rain symbolizes cleansing, renewal, or sadness.

The sixth question focuses on the presence of a landline telephone in the video. The article wonders why Adele's character would use a landline rather than a modern cellphone. It suggests that this choice could be intentional, perhaps to echo the theme of longing and a desire for connection.


Lastly, the seventh question relates to the ending of the video. Adele is seen walking away from the camera, leaving her love interest behind. The article ponders whether this signifies a renewed independence or a final resignation.

In summary, this article poses seven thought-provoking questions about Adele's "Hello" video. While it provides possible interpretations, it acknowledges that the answers are left open-ended, allowing viewers to form their own conclusions about the video's meaning.


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