The Fall Guy Creators Call Ryan Gosling's Action Comedy "A Love Letter to Stunts"

The upcoming action comedy film, The Fall Guy, is being eagerly anticipated by fans as the creative team discusses its key elements. In the first trailer, audiences are introduced to the film's protagonist, Colt Seaver, played by Ryan Gosling, who is an experienced stuntman. The plot revolves around Colt reuniting with his ex, Jody Moreno, portrayed by Emily Blunt, when she is hired to direct a sci-fi blockbuster that Colt is working on. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when the film's star, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, goes missing, prompting Colt to embark on a mission to find him. This adventure leads him into dangerous circumstances. Producer Kelly McCormick describes The Fall Guy as a tribute to stunts, cinema, and the crews behind the scenes who make it all happen.

She believes that this is the perfect time to release such a film, given the experiences of the past year. McCormick and director David Leitch both express their admiration for the original 1981 television series, which served as the inspiration for the remake. The show, starring Lee Majors, showcased the incredible skills of a stunt performer who also worked as a bounty hunter. McCormick remarks on Majors' character, highlighting his ability to outsmart others and complete seemingly impossible tasks at the last moment. The show was known for its impressive practical stunts performed on a weekly basis, igniting a passion for the profession among aspiring stuntmen. David Leitch, known for his extensive work in stunts and directing blockbuster films like John Wick, Deadpool 2, and Bullet Train, praises Ryan Gosling's performance in The Fall Guy. Leitch commends Gosling for his dedication and versatility as an actor, with Gosling himself stating that he feels ready to utilize all of his skills in this film, having previously explored romance and comedy genres in his career. While Gosling performed many of his own stunts, Leitch also appreciates the contributions of his doubles, Ben Jenkins and Troy Brown.

Despite the film's over-the-top action scenes, including a reference to Jason Bourne, the heart of The Fall Guy lies in the love story between Colt and Jody. Leitch and McCormick express their excitement for subverting genres and combining elements of romance and action. They jokingly suggest the possibility of continuing this trend in future projects, such as "The Notebook 2, but with a boat chase." The Fall Guy is set to hit theaters on March 1, 2024, promising audiences an entertaining and unconventional cinematic experience that pays homage to the art of stunts and the love found amidst exhilarating action. Source: Entertainment Weekly, YouTube

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