'I like Indian a lot': When Justin Bieber divulged details about his favorite international cuisine while on tour

Justin Bieber is one of the world's most beloved artists. He rose to prominence when he was merely a teenager. He has some of the catchiest tunes on his belt, which has made us groove way too many times. Bieber loves his work and fans and he enjoys doing shows for his fans. Being on the road for such a long time can be tough, but like every artist, there are a few things that Justin looks up to, and one of them is good food. In a 2012 interview with Jimmy Fallon for YouTube Presents, opened up about his favorite cuisine and spoke about his love for Indian food.

Justin Bieber revealed his favorite foreign cuisine is Indian

In 2012, YouTube Presents had Justin Bieber and  where they discussed a lot of things, but one of them was what type of food the singer looked forward to while he was on tour and delivering exhilarating performances.

When Fallon asked him the fan question about the type of foreign food he enjoyed the most, the hitmaker replied, “I like Indian a lot.” Fallon then asked what he liked in Indian cuisine. The singer replied, saying, “I like tandoori chicken, the chicken tikka masala. It hits the spot with the naan bread."

He then revealed where he had the best Indian food in the world; he said, “London has the best Indian food."

Justin Bieber then spoke about how he decided where to tour

In the same YouTube Presents interview with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber was asked by a fan the procedure behind how he made the decision of where to perform and take his tour.

Thesinger responded, "Well, we picked a lot of spots where I had never been, like Norway, for example, and then we also wanted to go to places where I knew I had a lot of fan bases, like Mexico City, where we performed for 300,000 people."

Fallon then asked him whether it was a free concert," to which Justin replied and said, "Yes, it was a free concert for kids who had never been to a concert before, like a lot of people in poverty."

Meanwhile, since then, Bieber has released many albums. His last music album came out in 2021 and it was called .

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