“I really should go back to the doctor”: Jennifer Lawrence Revealed How She Became Deaf After Hunger Games Stunt Went Awfully Wrong for the Actress

Acclaimed actress Jennifer Lawrence who was incredibly praised for portraying the resilient Katniss Everdeen in the movies went almost deaf after a failed stunt.

The original movies did not go easy on the talented actress as it not only gave her several injuries but almost lost her ability to hear. The actress faced significant challenges while filming the movie, however, the incident in which a water stunt failed was one of the major difficulties Lawrence encountered.

Jennifer Lawrence Went Deaf For a Week While Filming Hunger Games 2

star once opened up about the major challenges she faced while filming in 2013. The actress revealed that along with numerous injuries that she sustained after a failed water stunt, she even went deaf for almost a week resulting in a double ear infection. The star told :

“First, I had to jump into stagnant water for a stunt, which caused a double ear infection. Then I had to jump into water jets, and one jet went into my ear, making a ‘PSHYOOOOOV!’ noise, which made me deaf for a week. But I didn’t go to the doctor…because I’m a genius.”

Jennifer Lawrence humorously mentions being a genius and not immediately visiting the doctor after witnessing a painful experience. The star revealed that she jumped into the stagnant water which resulted in injuries and loss of hearing. Lawrence added:

“So I eventually got my hearing back, and now I get this tearing noise every time I yawn. I really should go back to the doctor and ask them what that means. ‘Tell me, is this normal? I’m in pain 24/7. Help me.”

The Oscar award winner stated that one of the water jets used in different stunts went into her ear causing temporary deafness and humorously mentions to visit the doctor again as she could still feel the sensation after encountering the failed stunt.

Jennifer Lawrence Almost Rejected Hunger Games

Now this might come as a flabbergast to many after knowing that Jennifer Lawrence who generated quite an exciting fanbase after portraying the lead role in almost rejected it. The star appeared on with , in which she revealed that due to she nearly refused to play the leading role in the franchise. Lawrence recalled:

“I almost didn’t do ‘Hunger Games’ because ‘Twilight’ had come out and that fandom had happened…When I was trying to talk to people about making this decision after they offered it to me, I was just like, I don’t know. It was so hard to explain to people.”

The actress mentioned that numerous doubts emerged when she was left to decide whether to opt for or not as she desired to work in indie movies and wanted to do good films. Lawrence claimed she never wished to be the most famous personality on the planet. The star even auditioned for Bella but eventually got rejected and the role was passed on to . Jennifer Lawrence then agreed to portray the reluctant leader in the franchise.

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