Was Meghan Markle Almost A Bravo Housewife?

Meghan Markle thinks very highly of herself, and reality TV is totally below her brand.  That’s why she and Prince Harry hate being compared to the Kardashians, and called their Netflix series a

It’s absurd to think that Meghan Markle would even canoodle with the likes of Bravo reality TV stars now, but at one point Andy Cohen passed on the Duchess of Sussex.

Bravo star Andy Cohen recently revealed that he passed on a chance to have Meghan

Contrary to all the Meghan Markle Real Housewives rumors, the truth is actually even more pitiful. 

Meghan wasn’t trying to get on Real Housewives, she was just trying to score an interview on Andy Cohen’s popular series

Meghan Markle And Andy Cohen’s Missed Connection

The Real Housewives Puppet Master recently confessed at BravoCon,

Nowadays Meghan Markle would scoff at the idea of appearing on a show like WWHL.  But, the hilarious part is, briefcase girl Meghan Markle from her pre-Harry

Will Meghan Markle Appear On Real Housewives

But, at the rate Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going, she may have to reconsider reality TV and her Hollywood “standards.”  Rumor has it the royal family outcasts are hemorrhaging money after their Spotify and Netflix bombs. 

Judging from their recent vacation photos, they certainly aren’t scaling back on expenses.  In fact, Meghan is reportedly so desperate she is relaunching her website

Are you a Bravo fan?  Can you imagine the foolery Meghan Markle would have filmed with Andy Cohen and have to see played over and over on the internet? 

Getting passed on by Bravo was clearly a blessing in disguise.  Let us know what you think in the comments below and

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