Prince William To School Prince Harry In Philanthropy With Earthshot Prizes


British royal family news divulges that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven’t chirped at the royal family in a while, but all that could be about to change with Prince and Princess of Wales ready to hand out Earthshot Prizes in the next few weeks.

It’s predicted that Prince William and Kate Middleton will show the Sussexes how real philanthropy is done.

Royal Family News – Where Are The Sussexes?

Royal expert Daniela Elser told that the Duke

Before, during and after Megxit, the Markles bragged about ditching the monarchy for a life of do-gooding. How’d that work out for them? As 2023 comes to a close, Meghan can’t get hired to open up a Circle K.


Their collective reputation is so bad that Meghan’s own sister Samantha Markle sued her for defamation.

Royal Family News – Meghan’s Sister Sued Her

Newsweek reported that Samantha alleges of her sister:

In case you missed it, in THAT mud-fest Oprah Winfrey interview, Meghan claimed she was an only child. Poor Samantha, another

Royal Family News – Meghan Was An Only Child?

Summing up one root of Harry and Meghan’s problems, PR pro Andy Barr says that the couple lack communication skills. Despite her being a basic cable actress and he a professional amnesiac.


Barr told the Mirror that

Royal Family News – Harry & Meghan’s Communication Skills

As it stands today, the royal family have not been decimated by

Instead, karmic winds have turned their mockery and dirty tricks against them, with late night, early morning, and every time zone in between roasting them for their and their former Spotify employer branding them

Looks like the year will end on a high note for Kate and Wiliam and on the low road for Harry and Meghan. Where did things go so wrong?

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