Prince Harry Criticized For Pre-Planned King Charles Phone Call


He’s damned if he does, and he’s certainly damned if he doesn’t. There’s a new report that says Prince Harry is being criticized for his pre-planned phone call to his father, King Charles.

And while there’s nothing wrong with the Duke of Sussex calling his father on the most important day of the calendar year for him, some royal critics think that Prince Harry shouldn’t have actually alerted the press about it. Here’s

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Criticized For Pre-Planned King Charles Phone Call

According to Page Six, there was a report that said Prince Harry was to call his father, King Charles III, on his 75th birthday.

What made the report odd was that it was posted first thing on the morning of the king’s birthday. Some skeptical royal critics, including Angela Levin, think that the Sussex’s PR team was behind the move. 


Levin took to her Twitter account to write,

Royal Family News – Did Prince Harry Leak The Phone Call Report Himself?

A lot of her Twitter followers certainly agreed, as they also thought it was odd that such a grand announcement had to be made about Prince Harry simply calling his father on his birthday, when it should be a very private matter between the two of them.

As much as Prince Harry likes to accuse the royal family of leaking stories to the press, it seems like there is a leaker in his camp, too.

Otherwise he could have easily made a phone call to his father without the world having to know about it. Watch this space as we have a feeling


So far the Duke of Sussex himself has not made any comments about the matter himself.

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