Timothee Chalamet Owns Up to Being Responsible for the ‘Most Annoying Day’ of Jennifer Lawrence’s Life


is accepting responsibility for the “most annoying day” of ‘s life, but he also has an explanation.

If you forgot, the 27-year-old actor worked with the 33-year-old star on , which was shot during the pandemic.

During an interview in 2021, Jennifer recalled that a day on set with Timothee and was a struggle to get through. “They drove me crazy that day,” she told .

Two years later, Timothee is providing some additional backstory.

During an interview with , Timothee admitted that he was on another level the day that they shot a particular scene together. To be fair, he’d spent two weeks of the 24 days on set for


in quarantine.

“By the time I got to set I was ,” he explained. “That was the day Jennifer said was the most annoying day of her life, working with me and Leo. I out of my room.”

That checks out with Jennifer‘s recollection. She said that he “was just excited to be out of the house.”

“I just remember being in absolute misery that day,” she said, adding, “It was hell.”

She continued, adding that she was “so excited” to work with Timothee in particular, joking that it was also a challenge to work with him because she compared their bodies.

If you missed it, Timothee recently revealed how his co-star .

Meanwhile, Jennifer was recently .


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