Bizarre Bedtime Mayhem: Unconventional Twin Nighttime Rituals with Heather Fern

In this article, the author describes a unique and out-of-the-ordinary nighttime routine that they follow with their twin children. The routine is called the "crazy twin bedtime" and it involves various fun and playful activities that deviate from the typical bedtime habits.

The author begins by explaining that their twin children, Heather and Fern, have a lot of energy before bedtime, which often makes it difficult for them to settle down and fall asleep. To address this challenge, the author came up with the idea of creating a special routine that would tire the twins out and make them ready for bed.

The "crazy twin bedtime" routine kicks off with a dance party in the living room. The author plays their children's favorite music and they all dance energetically together. This activity not only serves as a form of exercise but also allows the twins to have fun and release their excess energy.

Following the dance party, the author then proposes a game of hide-and-seek throughout the entire house. The twins eagerly participate in this activity, excitedly searching for each other in various hiding spots. This game not only keeps the children engaged but also helps in making them tired.

After the hide-and-seek game, the author introduces an unconventional tooth-brushing session. Instead of the usual boring bathroom routine, the twins are encouraged to brush their teeth while standing on their heads. This playful approach adds an element of fun to this daily task and makes it more enjoyable for the children.

The final activity in the "crazy twin bedtime" routine involves storytelling. However, instead of the typical calm and soothing bedtime stories, the author engages the twins in creating a wild and imaginative tale where they are the main characters. This allows the twins to exercise their creativity and active imaginations before winding down for sleep.

Overall, the article highlights the author's innovative approach to their kids' bedtime routine. By incorporating lively activities like dancing, hide-and-seek, and storytelling, the author ensures that their twin children expend their energy and are ready for a good night's sleep. While this routine may differ from the norm, it proves to be effective in helping the children settle down and ultimately improve their bedtime experience.

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