Justin Bieber Was Celibate Before Marrying Wife Hailey: I Had a 'Legitimate Problem With Her

During an interview on the podcast "Call her daddy", Hailey Bieber openly discussed her relationship with husband Justin Bieber. She emphasized the importance of trust and bond in their relationship and expressed that they are not interested in threesomes. Hailey mentioned that their preferred time for intimacy is in the evenings and at night, but they also enjoy it in the mornings. She revealed that their favorite position is the "doggy style" but added that they are open to trying new positions. Interestingly, Hailey also mentioned that she has a cordial relationship with Justin's ex-partner Selena Gomez. She emphasized the mutual respect and love between them and stated that they owe nothing to anyone except respect. Hailey and Justin got engaged in July 2018 after Justin's breakup with Selena. They have since focused on building a strong bond and trust in their relationship. Hailey's honesty and openness in the interview provided insights into the dynamics and values that define their marriage.

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