Adele ditches up close selfies at Vegas shows over COVID fears

has ditched taking close-up selfies with her fans during her shows.

The terrified singer, 35, has made the change over fears of catching COVID and admitted she is 'hanging on for dear f**king life' to her shows going.

Adele has stopped her regular performance section of posing besides fans for selfies after a viral outbreak at Caesars Palace, as she admitted friends and crew were already 'dropping like flies.'

The worried star has even cut her famous walks through the audience, where she greets and hugs fans while singing When We Were Young, for fearing of catching the deadly virus.

Adele has vowed to not let the virus wreck her current run at The Colosseum, after she  last year.

Worried! Adele, 35, has stopping posing for up-close selfies with fans during her Las Vegas shows over fears of catching COVID

Adele expressed her fears of postponements, which would lead to 'f***ing p****d off' fans slamming her for missing more shows

She told audience members: 'Normally I would absolutely stop and chat and all of that and I'm hear all about your life and be the nosey person that I am. However, I hanging on by thread trying not to get COVID.'

The singer also revealed that her backing singer Amanda has missed performances after a positive Covid test.

She continued: 'Everyone that I know that I work with has f**king COVID, so it's a miracle that I haven't had it yet.

'And I really do love chatting to you, but I don't want to get sick, I'll take selfies from a distance or shoot your vid.

'I might have symptoms and then I can't do my show and I will be damned if I cancel any more of these shows. I refuse to cancel any shows.'

She explained her worries further: 'I just can't risk getting ill. Honestly my immune system is in the gutter and I want to be close to you and stuff like that, but I just can't risk it.

'I am a germaphobe, so I might be being dramatic. But they do all have COVID. But I use hand gel a lot. Like If I meet someone, I'm like, ''hi, it's so nice to meet you.'' And then there's hand gel in my hand.'

Changes! The singer revealed she'll only pose for snaps from afair after an outbreak of the virus at Caesars Palace, admitting friends and crew were already 'dropping like flies'

Safety first: The worried star has even cut her famous walks through the audience, where she greets and hugs fans while singing When We Were Young, for fearing of catching the virus

Adele admitted: 'I've always been like that, but just wanted to let you know I am hanging on for dear f**king life to play for you guys.

'I got the flu in my last break two days after my final show, and I was thrilled. I don't mind getting the flu in my break. I don't mind getting sick in my break.

'I have got nine weeks left. This is my 26th weekend. It was my 50th show last Saturday, which felt like such a milestone.'

Chuckling, she added: 'Because, dunno if you heard, but like a year and a half ago, I had to cancel the first leg. So getting to 50 was like a dream. So I'm so thrilled.'

When the crowd didn't acknowledge her COVID concern, she reacted by asking: 'Maybe you stopped testing?'

Adele made headlines worldwide when she pulled out of her show, hours before its scheduled start in January 2022.

She cited COVID outbreaks among her team and production, however .

But she roared back with a critically acclaimed set of shows in November 2022, and is now part-way through the second leg of her Weekends Residency.

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