Maren Morris Throws Subtle Shade at Jason Aldean's "Small Town" in Surprising Move

Country singer Maren Morris appears to have taken a dig at fellow artist Jason Aldean's new single "Small Town." In a recent interview with E! News, Morris seemingly shaded Aldean and his song, expressing her distaste for what she perceives as the glorification of small-town life in country music.

During the interview, Morris was asked about her thoughts on Aldean's single, which praises the simplicity and charm of small towns. While she initially hesitated to comment, Morris eventually admitted that she didn't resonate with the message of the song. She went on to explain that she grew up in a small town and understands the appeal, but personally, she has always been more drawn to the city life.

The Grammy-winning artist acknowledged that country music often romanticizes small towns, but she believes that the genre should also appreciate the urban experience. Morris expressed her desire for country songs that highlight urban living and the different perspectives it provides. She pointed out that cities offer diverse cultural experiences, mixing of backgrounds, and a vibrant energy that she finds inspiring.

Morris's comments can be seen as indirectly criticizing Aldean's music, considering the release of his single praising small-town life. However, she clarified that her words were not intended to offend anyone and emphasized that everyone has their preferences.

This isn't the first time Morris has expressed her feelings about some aspects of country music. In a previous interview, she touched upon the lack of diversity within the genre and the need for inclusion and representation of different voices and experiences. She has been a vocal advocate for change and has used her platform to speak up about social issues, as showcased in her hit song "Better Than We Found It."

It is important to note that Aldean has not responded to Morris's comments, so it remains unclear what his thoughts are on the matter. Regardless, it seems that Morris is eager to see more variety in country music and hopes that her input will contribute to a broader and more inclusive representation in the genre.

In conclusion, Maren Morris seems to have criticized Jason Aldean's single "Small Town" for glorifying small-town life in country music. She expressed her preference for songs that highlight urban living and advocated for more diversity and inclusion within the genre. Morris's comments reflect her desire for a broader representation of experiences and perspectives in country music.

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