Q&A Session: Twin Care – Everything You Need to Know About Schedules, Bottles, and Advice


In this article, Heather Fern provides a Q&A session about her experience raising twin babies who have just turned 16 months old. She discusses various topics such as schedules, bottles, and advice for other parents.

Heather Fern begins by explaining that her twin babies have a consistent daily schedule. They wake up around 7:30 am and have breakfast together with a bottle of milk. After breakfast, they play and engage in various activities such as reading books and going for walks. At around 9:30 am, they take a morning nap for about an hour. After waking up, they have a snack and play until lunchtime, which is around 12:30 pm. Lunch consists of a variety of finger foods that the babies can easily eat by themselves. Following lunch, they have another nap, which typically lasts for about two hours. When they wake up, they have a snack and engage in more playtime until dinner, which is around 5:30 pm. Dinner usually includes a protein, vegetable, and carbohydrate. After dinner, they have some playtime and wind down with a bottle of milk before bedtime, which is usually around 7:30 pm.


As for bottles, Heather Fern mentions that her twins are gradually transitioning from bottles to sippy cups. At 16 months old, they currently have bottles in the morning, before nap time, and before bed. Throughout the day, they drink water from sippy cups to stay hydrated. Heather Fern advises other parents to begin introducing sippy cups early on to help smooth the transition from bottles. She also suggests offering water in sippy cups during mealtimes to encourage independent drinking.

In terms of advice, Heather Fern emphasizes the importance of routine and consistency. She emphasizes that having a set schedule has been helpful for her family and has provided a sense of stability for the twins. She also encourages parents to adopt a flexible mindset and be prepared for unexpected changes in the babies' routines. Additionally, Heather Fern suggests involving the twins in daily activities such as grocery shopping and cooking to enhance their learning and development. Finally, she advises parents to prioritize self-care and to seek support from family and friends whenever needed.

Overall, this article highlights Heather Fern's experience raising her 16-month-old twin babies. She provides insights into their daily schedule, bottle transition, and shares valuable advice for other parents.


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