The Untold Truth Behind Julia Roberts' Rift with Her Brother | Revealed Exclusively!

Julia Roberts and her brother Eric had a falling-out, and there seems to be a real reason behind their strained relationship. According to a report by ⭐ OSSA, the siblings' conflict stems from a disagreement over money.

Julia Roberts is a renowned Hollywood actress known for her remarkable talent and numerous successful films. Meanwhile, her brother Eric Roberts has also established himself as an accomplished actor in the industry. However, despite sharing a common profession, the siblings have drifted apart over the years.

The root cause of their falling-out appears to be financial in nature. Eric Roberts, in an interview, revealed that he had lent a significant amount of money to his sister, Julia, in the past. He hoped that she would repay it, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. This lack of repayment strained their relationship and led to a divide.

Moreover, Julia Roberts has also been accused of favoring her husband, Danny Moder, over her brother Eric. It is believed that this favoritism contributed to the growing tension between the siblings. Eric reportedly felt neglected and ignored by his sister, which further fueled their dispute.

Despite their differences, both Julia and Eric Roberts have maintained a level of professionalism in their public appearances and interactions. However, the underlying issue between them remains unresolved, leading to a fractured relationship.

The article highlights that money can often create tension and cause rifts in families, even among famous celebrities. Julia Roberts and her brother Eric's dispute over financial matters has put a strain on their bond. While they may have had a successful showbiz career individually, their personal relationship has suffered.

The rift between the siblings serves as a reminder that money can complicate even the closest of relationships. It is unfortunate that Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts have not been able to find a resolution to their financial disagreement, leading to estrangement.

In conclusion, Julia Roberts and her brother Eric have fallen out due to a disagreement over money. Eric claims to have lent a significant sum to his sister, which has not been repaid. Additionally, Julia's alleged favoritism towards her husband has also contributed to the strain in their relationship. Money, as in many cases, has proven to be a major point of contention, emphasizing the impact it can have on familial bonds.

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