Utterly Hilarious: Ellen DeGeneres' Unforgettable Top 10 Pranks That Will Leave You in Stitches!


The article discusses the top 10 pranks that have been pulled off on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. These pranks have become a popular segment on the show and have brought immense entertainment to the viewers. The pranks are light-hearted and aim to surprise and entertain both the guests and the audience.

The first prank on the list involves Ellen setting up a hidden speaker in the bathroom of her studio. She calls a staff member into the bathroom and starts talking to him through the speaker, leaving him thoroughly confused. This simple yet effective prank shows Ellen's mischievous side and sets the tone for more pranks to come.


Another prank on the list involves Ellen hiding in a bathroom stall and surprising her guests while they are in the restroom. In one instance, she startles Jennifer Lopez by screaming when Jennifer tries to open the stall door. This unexpected scare provides a good laugh for both the guests and the viewers.

One particularly memorable prank on the show is when Ellen sent her writer Amy to a haunted house with executive producer Andy. Amy pretends to be scared while Andy tries to remain calm, but the tables turn when Andy becomes genuinely terrified by the haunted house. The prank perfectly captures the essence of hilarious and unpredictable moments on the show.


In yet another prank, Ellen sends her producer Matt to Starbucks where she feeds him lines through an earpiece, making him say ridiculous things to the barista. This prank demonstrates Ellen's ability to make even the simplest situations incredibly amusing.

The list also includes a prank where Ellen surprises her audience by playing a parody of a commercial during the show, featuring herself as a plumber who accidentally causes chaos in people's homes. The twist at the end of the commercial leaves the audience in stitches.

Another highlight from the pranks on the show is Ellen scaring her executive producer Andy during the haunted house segment. Each year, Andy is sent into a haunted house and Ellen watches his every reaction from the safety of the studio. This annual tradition has become a much-anticipated event for both the staff and the viewers.

Overall, the article highlights the top 10 pranks that have been performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. These pranks serve as a source of entertainment and laughter, showcasing Ellen's talent for humor and her ability to create hilarious and memorable moments on her show.


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