'It was just ear challenging...': When Jennifer Lawrence revealed she lost her hearing for months while shooting THIS USD 865 million movie


Jennifer Lawrence, the celebrated actress is well-known for her impressive acting prowess. But it seems like behind-the-scenes the actress had to go through quite a bit of challenges to deliver her commendable performances. The same was the case with her when she shot her hit franchise, The Hunger Games. Lawrence talked about the injuries she dealt while shooting for the franchise. The actress even disclosed that she temporarily lost her hearing while filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

Jennifer Lawrence rushed to hospital while filming, The Hunger Games (2012)

Jennifer Lawrence encountered hardships while filming the beloved franchise. In 2012, she suffered a minor injury during a scene for The Hunger Games that necessitated a visit to the hospital. She recalled the incident in an interview with


, stating, "I had to do 10 'wall runs,' where you run at the wall as hard as you can to get traction. I ran at it, and my foot didn't go up, so I caught the wall with my stomach. My trainer thought I had burst my spleen." Thankfully Lawrence escaped any major injuries but had to deal with some painful bruises.

Jennifer Lawrence got partially deaf as she shot for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) 

In an interview with , the actress disclosed that her ear went through some notorious pain as she shot the second installment of the franchise. Lawrence shared that she developed ear infections because of her extensive diving scenes in the film. To make the situation worse, the superstar ended up puncturing her eardrums, which as a result made one of her ears deaf for months. 


Lawrence explained, “I went deaf in one ear for months. . . . But that wasn’t actually physically challenging. It was just ear-challenging because I got all of these ear infections from the diving and the water and all of that stuff. And then a jet from one of the cornucopia scenes punctured my eardrum.”

It surely is remarkable that Lawrence, despite going through so many physical injuries, continued shooting for the franchise, and delivered an acclaimed performance on-screen. Lawrence's resilience and determination in the face of such challenges surely exemplify her dedication to her craft.


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