Revisiting the moment when Ariana Grande nailed impersonation of Jennifer Lawrence; Details inside

Ariana Grande pleasantly surprised the audience with her remarkable impersonation of Jennifer Lawrence, in a standout episode of Saturday Night Live in 2016. This showcased Grande's comedic skills and impressed many, as per a report by Vanity Fair. Prior to this, Jennifer Lawrence wasn't typically associated with celebrity impressions, but Grande's performance changed that perception, demonstrating her ability to mimic the Academy Award-winning actress effortlessly.

When Ariana Grande reminded the audience of her acting roots

known primarily as a pop star, once stepped into the world of comedy on SNL as reported by Vanity Fair. Reportedly, she not only delivered energetic renditions of her hit songs Dangerous Woman and Be Alright but also reminded the audience of her acting roots.

Interestingly, in the skit resembling Family Feud, took on the role of Jennifer Lawrence, who is well-known for her approachable and relatable personality. Lawrence wasn't someone people typically thought of for impersonations, but Grande surprised everyone by wearing a wig that mimicked the Red Sparrow actresses’ look and flawlessly replicating her normally unremarkable voice.

Reportedly, impersonation was so accurate that it felt like Lawrence herself was on screen. She nailed distinctive cadence and the low-register tones that marked the actress' speech.

As per a report, Jennifer also commented on Grande's impression of her. In an interview, she said that she thought it was "spot-on" and that she was flattered by it

Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence’s bond

Ariana and share a friendly bond and collaborated on the movie Don't Look Up. Reportedly, they might have starred in a movie together, but Lawrence said she was left starstruck by the Positions singer.

Reportedly, Jennifer openly admires Ariana, mentioning her in interviews. She even joked that she looked like a radio contest winner in photos with her. She said, “Or Ariana Grande was in Don’t Look Up and I got photographed with her. I look fully like a radio contest winner. I’m like [wide-eyed smile].” Their working relationship seems to be filled with mutual respect and admiration.

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