'And everything gross': When Jennifer Lawrence picked THIS alternative career because she would get to 'look through people’s stuff'

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest names in Hollywood who has given impeccable acting performances. Along with her acting capabilities, she is also known for her statements that often keep her in the headlines and sometimes also get her into trouble. However, in such a conversation, the actress revealed which alternate career she would have chosen if she would not have been an actress. The unusual career alternative is amusing as nothing better could have been expected from JLaw. Want to know which career was that? Read on ahead to know about it.

Jennifer Lawrence chose THIS alternative career

In a conversation with , the No Hard Feelings actress was asked to pick an alternate career and she revealed that she would have chosen to be a hotel maid. Detailing more about her choice, she said that she would have liked to clean and also look through people’s stuff. added, “It’s always like new people every day. And I would like to think of a nurse or a doctor because I’ve always been interested in the human body and everything gross. But I don’t think I could make it through school. But if I could just show up, then a nurse or a doctor.”

Being one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, the alternate career option would have been an interesting choice but unfortunately, she could not pursue that. JLaw has been associated with some of the biggest Hollywood projects and there is no doubt that there are more great things to come in her acting career. 

What started Jennifer Lawrence's career?

At the young age of 14, JLaw hoped to break into acting and modeling in 2005 and with her mother to New York to visit talent agencies. She was discovered by a talent scout and subsequently auditioned for his agency as she got into small acting roles and modeling for advertisements. Following her early graduation, the family moved to Los Angeles to allow her to further her career and got her first break playing the teenage daughter of a psychotherapist in the cable television comedy . 

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