'Outlander' Prequel Cast Revealed -- See Who Will Play Jamie and Claire's Parents


Starz has shared exciting new details about the highly anticipated Outlander prequel, Outlander: Blood of My Blood. The show's core cast has been revealed, with Jamie Roy set to play Jamie Fraser's father, Brian Fraser, and Harriet Slater portraying his mother, Ellen Mackenzie. Additionally, the prequel will not only focus on Jamie's parents but will also explore the story of Claire Fraser's mother and father, played by Jeremy Irvine and Hermione Corfield, respectively.

The news was met with enthusiasm from Outlander star Sam Heughan, who expressed his excitement on Instagram.


The prequel promises to be an engaging and captivating series with a talented cast.

In addition to announcing the cast, Starz has provided more insight into the show. Outlander: Blood of My Blood will delve into two parallel love stories set in different time periods. It will explore the relationship between Jamie's parents in 18th century Scotland, as well as Claire's parents during World War I in England.

Although the premiere date for Outlander: Blood of My Blood has not been announced yet, production is currently underway in Scotland for the 10-episode series. Fans can expect more quality Outlander content and can look forward to the second half of season 7, which will air in 2024, while the show's eighth and final season is set to begin production soon in Scotland. Stay tuned for more updates on Showbiz Cheat Sheet's YouTube channel.


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