Adele lauds Miley Cyrus' nostalgic anthem 'Formerly Youthful' during her Las Vegas performance


Singer Adele recently expressed her admiration for fellow artist Miley Cyrus during one of her shows in Las Vegas. The British superstar commended Cyrus' track "Used to Be Young" during her performance, which left fans thrilled.

Adele took a moment during her Vegas residency concert to acknowledge Cyrus' talent and the impact she has made in the music industry. The Grammy-winning singer mentioned Cyrus' song "Used to Be Young" and spoke highly of it, clearly demonstrating her appreciation for the track.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Adele praised Cyrus, showing their agreement with her sentiment.


Adele's words of praise for the young artist resonated with the audience, further solidifying Cyrus' position as a respected musician in the industry.

"Used to Be Young" is a song from Cyrus' latest album, which showcased a different side of the artist compared to her previous work. The track is known for its introspective lyrics and emotional tone, deeply touching listeners.

Both Adele and Cyrus have had highly successful careers, with numerous chart-topping hits and dedicated fanbases. Their respective styles and personalities have allowed them to connect with diverse audiences, making them popular figures in the music world.


The acknowledgement from Adele holds significant weight, as she is widely recognized for her exceptional talent and musical prowess. Her appreciation for "Used to Be Young" reflects the impact that Cyrus' music has had, resonating with artists as well as fans.

Cyrus has been very vocal about her musical evolution and the personal growth that she has experienced throughout her career. This latest praise from Adele validates the authenticity and depth of her artistry, further cementing her place in the industry.

Adele's endorsement not only boosts Cyrus' credibility as an artist but also highlights the incredible talent and artistry that can be found in today's music industry.


Such recognition from one superstar to another helps break down boundaries and showcases the mutual admiration and support within the industry.

Fans of both Adele and Cyrus were delighted by this public display of appreciation and took to social media to express their excitement. The interaction between these two talented artists has sparked conversations about the importance of recognizing and celebrating fellow musicians' work in an industry that can often be fiercely competitive.

In summary, Adele's praise for Miley Cyrus' "Used to Be Young" during her Vegas show demonstrates the admiration and respect she has for Cyrus' music.


The acknowledgement solidifies Cyrus' position as a respected artist in the industry and highlights the importance of supporting fellow musicians. Both Adele and Cyrus have had successful careers and connect with diverse audiences, making their endorsement of each other's work significant in the music world.


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