Justin Bieber interviews his entrepreneurial wife Hailey Bieber and tells all about her vision


r has made a name for herself thanks to her brand Rhode Skin and due to the attention, her popstar husband Justin Bieber interviewed her to have an intimate conversation about her vision and what she wants to accomplish.

Hailey Bieber was recently given the cover of Vogue Australia and within the magazine, there is an extensive interview conducted by the pop superstar.

To start, the text of the cover has a picture of her looking spectacular with the message "Let there be light,"

Hailey has the support of Justin Bieber and her inner circle

After Justin Bieber said "I love you, baby," they began speaking about the foundations of the brand "The most rewarding thing for me has been when someone will come up to me and express how much they love the brand and how much they love the product." Said Hailey


After that Hailey mentioned that that "my mission statement for my style and aesthetic in general is, 'less is more.'"

Hailey Bieber addressed what happens when things do not go her way or the way she expected for things to go "Be okay with the mishaps that happen," she said. "There's so many ups, but there are also downs, like anything in life."

She is surrounded by other business people in her circle and she sees them as inspiration and support and acknowledges that they have been of great help "It's been helpful for me to be able to have that support and be able to have honest conversations about the highs and the lows of building a brand."


What is her biggest fashion "regret"?

Immediately after Justin read this question, he pointed out to a specific moment when wearing a pink dress.

Hailey elaborated on the matter "I feel like I have a lot, but the biggest one that comes to mind in this moment is, a couple of years ago I wore this pink ... it was this boxy-looking vest dress, and I thought it was going to be the cutest thing ever. I wore it, and I saw the photographs after and it legitimately looked like I was inside a box. I looked like a present, and it was so bad."


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