The Rose Inked: Justin Bieber Reveals Deep Meaning Behind Selena Gomez-Inspired Tattoo


Justin Bieber recently opened up about the meaning behind his rose tattoo during an interview. According to the popstar, the tattoo symbolizes Selena Gomez, his famous ex-girlfriend.

In the interview, Bieber revealed that he got the tattoo back in 2013, when he and Gomez were going through a difficult time in their relationship. He explained that the rose represents the beauty of their love, but also the thorns they both experienced.

Bieber shared that the tattoo serves as a constant reminder of their relationship and the lessons he learned from it



The popstar further emphasized his admiration for Gomez, stating that he will always cherish her and the memories they shared together. His rose tattoo serves as a tribute to their love story, a symbol of their connection.

Bieber's revelation about the tattoo has evoked mixed reactions from fans. Some have praised his maturity and openness in discussing his past relationship, while others have expressed disappointment and questioned the relevance of holding onto something from the past.


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