Rugby star suffers wardrobe malfunction as fans spot his 'Barbie girl' hotpants


THIS is the hilarious moment a South Africa rugby star suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the World Cup.

That’s by accidentally flashing fans his “Barbie” hotpants.

Steven Kitshoff, 31, plays loosehead prop for the

And he took on a starring role in his country’s opening

As Kitshoff engaged opponents while charging with the ball, a rival managed to hook his fingers under the South African’s shorts.

He then pulled the piece of kit high up, giving Kitshoff one hell of a wedgie.


In the process, the Springbok’s undies were also on show.

And Kitshoff was hilariously wearing a bright pink piece with the words ‘budgy smuggler’ on the back.

fans certainly found the whole incident hilarious.

And some even though Kitshoff was taking inspiration from the new Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

One fan said: “Bro chose to be a Barbie girl mid game.”

Another declared: “Someone just had the biggest wedgie in the cutest onnies.”

One noted: “I think he could taste the material. Mint flavour.”

Another added: “A Bok’s balls is made of steel. He felt nothing.”


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