These three iconic Barbie songs have been submitted for the Oscars

Barbie is poised to be a frontrunner at this year's Oscars, with three standout songs from the movie being considered for nomination. The film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, follows Barbie as she ventures into the real world, delving into the Mattel company and the concept of girlhood. The movie has received rave reviews, with critics praising its thoughtful and loving approach. It has achieved both critical and commercial success since its release last summer, fueling speculation about potential Oscar nominations.

Warner Bros. has recently revealed the aspects of Barbie that have been submitted for consideration at the Academy Awards. While there is a lot of buzz surrounding the acting categories, with Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and America Ferrara being submitted for lead and supporting roles, there is also significant interest in the movie's soundtrack. Warner Bros. has submitted three songs from the Barbie soundtrack for Oscar consideration. The submitted songs include "Dance The Night" performed by Dua Lipa, "What Was I Made For?" performed by Billie Eilish, and "I'm Just Ken" performed by Ryan Gosling.

Fans particularly view the third option as the frontrunner, as it combines music with Ryan Gosling's exceptional comedic performance. The competition for the Oscars is just beginning, and more news about Barbie's campaign is expected to emerge leading up to the winners' announcement on March 10, next year. In addition to the Oscar buzz, Barbie has generated plenty of interest with its thought-provoking storyline and distinctive characters. Reviews of the movie have praised its ability to take a familiar and stereotypical object like Barbie and give it a personal and existential touch. The film has also sparked discussions about whether Barbie becomes human in the end and has prompted speculation about potential Easter eggs and future installments of the franchise.

Despite its success, Barbie has faced some controversy, with the movie being banned in Vietnam due to its depiction of the infamous "nine dash line." Nevertheless, the overall reception of the film has been overwhelmingly positive, with critics hailing it as a cinematic triumph. Given its impact and critical acclaim, it is no surprise that Barbie is generating Oscar buzz and that its soundtrack is being considered for a nomination. As the award season ramps up, more news is expected to emerge about Barbie's campaign. Whether it is the exceptional performances, the captivating storyline, or the memorable songs, it is evident that Barbie has made a lasting impression on audiences and the film industry alike.

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