Ellen DeGeneres Sets the Record Straight on Living with Courteney Cox, Dispels Rumors of Marriage Issues


Ellen DeGeneres has opened up about her decision to stay at Courteney Cox's home and addressed the rumors surrounding her marriage. The talk show host clarified that she and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are not dealing with any "marital troubles".

There had been speculation surrounding DeGeneres and De Rossi's relationship, with some tabloids suggesting that the couple was facing difficulties. However, DeGeneres swiftly dismissed these rumors, emphasizing that they were just that - rumors.

In a recent interview, DeGeneres explained why she had chosen to temporarily live at Cox's home. She revealed that her house was being renovated and needed some major repairs. Consequently, she had to find an alternative place to stay, and Cox graciously offered her home.


DeGeneres expressed her gratitude towards her long-time friend for providing her with a comfortable sanctuary during this time. She praised Cox and described her home as a "gorgeous beach house". The two friends have been spending time together and have been seen engaging in various activities, such as horseback riding.

Moreover, DeGeneres also used this interview as an opportunity to address the speculation surrounding her relationship with de Rossi. She made it clear that their marriage was not facing any challenges and that they were as happy as ever. The talk show host expressed her frustration with the false narratives surrounding her personal life, emphasizing the damaging impact they can have.


DeGeneres acknowledged that being in the public eye comes with its fair share of scrutiny and rumors, but stressed the importance of fact-checking. She highlighted the need for responsible journalism and urged people to consider the consequences before spreading baseless gossip.

The talk show host has been open about her struggles in the past and has addressed rumors about her personal life on multiple occasions. Throughout it all, DeGeneres has managed to maintain a positive outlook, sharing her experiences to inspire others and encourage them to be kind to one another.

In conclusion, Ellen DeGeneres has shed light on the reason behind her stay at Courteney Cox's home and has denied any "marital troubles" with Portia de Rossi. DeGeneres clarified that her house is undergoing renovations, prompting her to seek temporary accommodation. She expressed her gratitude towards Cox for offering her a place to stay and her frustration with the gossip surrounding her personal life. DeGeneres emphasized the importance of responsible journalism and urged people to consider the impact of spreading false narratives.


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