Ellen DeGeneres Yearns for Children and Battles Boredom at Home During Coronavirus Pandemic.

In a recent interview, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres confessed that she wishes she had children and revealed she has been feeling bored while self-isolating amidst the coronavirus outbreak. During an episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," DeGeneres discussed her current situation and how she is coping with the global pandemic.

DeGeneres opened up about her desire to have children, expressing that she regrets not starting a family earlier in life. She admitted to feeling envious of those who have kids and explained that she finds herself wondering how her life would be different if she had children of her own. The TV personality acknowledged that being at home alone during the lockdown has given her plenty of time to reflect on this aspect of her life.

The talk show host also shared that she has been feeling rather bored while practicing self-isolation. Known for her energetic and vibrant personality, DeGeneres admitted to struggling with boredom during these challenging times. She mentioned that she has tried to keep herself occupied by doing various activities, including gardening and reading, but still finds herself feeling restless at times.

While DeGeneres may be feeling bored, she has been maintaining a sense of humor and trying to entertain her audience remotely through her talk show. She has been hosting "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" from her home, providing fans with lighthearted content during these uncertain times. DeGeneres mentioned that she is grateful to be able to continue working and connect with people, even if it is not in the usual format.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused disruptions in various aspects of people's lives, and DeGeneres has not been exempt from these challenges. Adapting to the new normal, she has taken the opportunity to explore different creative outlets, such as painting and playing the piano more frequently. The TV host admitted that she has found solace in these activities and they have helped her stay positive and focused.

Despite her boredom, DeGeneres has been doing her part to give back to the community during this crisis. She recently announced a new campaign called "The Corona Kindness" to encourage people to be kind to one another and spread positivity. The talk show host believes that in times like these, people need to come together and support each other more than ever.

In conclusion, Ellen DeGeneres expressed her desire to have children and shared her feelings of boredom while self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak. Despite these challenges, she has been using her platform to entertain and inspire others, while also focusing on creative outlets and promoting kindness during this difficult time.

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