The Worst Characters In Outlander....


Outlander, the popular drama television series, features an array of fascinating characters. While many of the characters are beloved by fans, there are a few that have been regarded as the worst.

One of the worst characters is Stephen Bonnet. Bonnet, a pirate and smuggler, was depicted as a despicable and ruthless individual. His actions, including murder and rape, earned him a place at the top of the list. Bonnet's manipulative nature and lack of remorse added to his unlikeability.

Another character that viewers despised is Laoghaire MacKenzie.


Laoghaire's jealousy and vindictiveness towards the lead character, Claire Fraser, made her a truly detested character. She constantly tried to sabotage Claire's relationship with Jamie Fraser and even accused Claire of witchcraft.

Furthermore, Brianna Randall Fraser's character was met with mixed reviews. While some viewers found her relatable and strong, others thought she was whiny and entitled. Her indecisiveness and frequent emotional outbursts made her less appealing to certain fans.

Lord John Grey, a secondary character in the series, was also disliked by some. Many viewers found him to be boring and uninteresting, lacking the charisma and depth of other characters.


Despite his honorable actions, he failed to capture the hearts of many fans.

In conclusion, Outlander boasts a diverse set of characters, some widely loved, and others not so much. Stephen Bonnet, Laoghaire MacKenzie, Brianna Randall Fraser, and Lord John Grey are just a few examples of the characters that have been deemed the worst by viewers. However, it is the variety of characters that adds depth and complexity to the show, making it an engaging and entertaining experience for its audience.


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