Kate Middleton Grooves to 'Wheels on the Bus' in Rare Candid Video!


On Wednesday, the Princess of Wales a community with a superhero-inspired name for fathers and their children in Arnos Grove, London, to highlight the important role that dads play in their children’s earliest years.

Inside the Arnos Arms pub, Princess Kate chatted with dads and kids about the online community and meetup group that supports parents — and even joined a music playgroup session! Sitting right in the middle of the action, Kate had some fun listening to classic children's songs like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

As a singer led the group in "The Wheels on the Bus," one of the parents took out his phone to film, as seen in a


circulating on social media fan blogs — and when he panned over to the royal, Princess Kate smiled at the camera and shook the maracas she was holding.

At one point, Kate was spotted showing a little girl how to get the shakers to make noise.

Princess Kate seemed familiar with the tunes — which is no surprise given her status as a royal mom to ,  and !

The royal's love of music is also well known. She previously displayed her piano-playing abilities both at her in 2021 and for a surprise video that aired during the



In 2012, Kate's former piano instructor, Daniel Nicholls, opened up about teaching the future queen in the 1990s, from when she was 10 or 11 until 13.

"She was absolutely lovely, a really delightful person to teach the piano," he  at the time.

Kate reportedly reached grade three on the piano — the highest performance level is eight for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

Nicholls added, "I don't think anyone would say she was going to be a concert pianist, but she was good at it; she always did everything she was told."

In addition to the kid-friendly sing-along, Princess Kate bundled up for an outdoor walk in a local park. She posed for photos with the parents and children, including a group shot where she let out a big laugh!


Kneeling for a photo with 3-year-old Maya Sanmuganathan, the royal complimented the young girl's colorful outfit. "I love your stripy tights," Kate said, according to . "I should have worn my stripy tights."

Maya's dad on his Instagram page, captioning the sweet snap: "Our Princess met another Princess this morning."

Speaking with dads and their kids, the Princess of Wales said, "I think the thing is raising the importance of family time and the role dads are playing in raising kids. Through what you guys are doing, the kids are seeing the importance of socializing and getting together."

The Princess of Wales was hosted by Nigel Clarke, the founder of Dadvengers and known for his work on The Baby Club on the BBC’s CBeebies.


Following the visit, Clarke said the group was "in shock" over Kate's visit, Hello! reported.

"They were amazed she's taken the time to come and visit a group like this," he said. "We discussed how it’s important to have groups and spaces like this. Dads are worried they're going to feel awkward, but in a space like this, they relax and open up."

Earlier this year, Princess Kate launched the  for her . Children’s issues have long been a part of Kate’s charity work, and she’s honed her focus in recent years on early childhood development and the critical role caretakers play in the first few years of life.

While Princess Kate has spent a lot of time with mothers and carers since  this isn't the first time Kate has put a spotlight on the important role of men in children's lives.

In June, she at Maidenhead Rugby Club. After taking part in the rugby drills, she went inside to talk about the impact that local sports clubs have on those who are helping to raise children.


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