Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery Rumors Soar!


fans suspect that the Duchess of Sussex has undergone plastic surgery. And these royal family followers even think they know exactly which cosmetic surgery procedures Meghan chose.

Find out about the rumors that the Duchess of Sussex has become the Duchess of Plastic Surgery. And keep reading to learn which procedures Meghan allegedly chose.

Meghan Markle – Opts For Plastic Surgery?

Meghan Markle fans have noticed that the Duchess of Sussex’s face keeps changing. As a result, many of Meghan’s followers think that she underwent plastic surgery. And some fans see evidence of everything from a brow lift to a tummy tuck.



But one recent event rumors to soar. And that involved Meghan introducing her pal Misan Harriman for a TED Talk. However, fans dissected the video from the event not for the TED Talk but to analyze the Duchess of Sussex’s face, noted the .

In the video, Meghan sports a sleeveless top, letting her hair flow over her shoulders. And she introduces Misan by sharing,

However, even as Meghan lauded Misan’s fans used their own eyes to study how different she looks. And some followers compared past pics of the Duchess of Sussex to the new video, which went viral on social media.


Meghan Markle – Video Goes Viral

Fans speculated that Meghan underwent a brow lift because her eyes seemed different. And some thought that the Duchess of Sussex’s lower face seemed changed as well, possibly due to fillers. Because , others think that she underwent a tummy tuck.

However, rumors also have soared that Meghan opted for a nose job, according to . But some speculate that the Duchess of Sussex stays young by using Botox injections. And both Meghan and Kate Middleton reportedly use Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, known as an organic form of Botox. This topical product claims to soften wrinkles and lines.


However, Meghan did not confirm that she underwent any plastic surgery. But the Suits alum’s former makeup artist Spencer Barnes revealed that the Duchess of Sussex focuses on looking natural when it comes to her makeup.

added the expert. 

Fans have noticed that Meghan’s eyebrows seem different. However, Barnes shared that the Duchess of Sussex always wanted her eyebrows to appear natural. And the actress also appreciated creating

Tell us what you think. Do you suspect that Meghan Markle underwent plastic surgery? Or do you think that her changing looks could result from cosmetics, good lighting, and camera angles? And after you share your views, check


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