Leah Remini takes over for Matthew Morrison as 'So You Think You Can Dance' judge


Two weeks after was fired as a judge on , Fox has announced his replacement.

will take Morrison's place, joining alum and at the judges' table. The actress will make her debut Wednesday, June 15 — the show's 300th episode, and just in time for the top 12 competition to begin.

While Remini doesn't have quite the same dance credentials as her fellow judges — tWitch was the season 4 runner-up and has appeared several times as an All Star; Siwa grew up perfecting her technique on and was the runner-up on season 30 — she's eager to join the long-running competition series as "a great admirer of dancers." She added in a news release, "I can't wait to see the artistry that the contestants bring to the stage!"


Morrison was dismissed last month for violating After the announcement of his exit, it was reported that he had A source , "They didn't have sex, but he reached out to her through flirty direct messages on social media." The source added, "She felt uncomfortable with his line of comments and went to producers, who then got Fox involved. He was fired after they did their own investigation."

Morrison has since , asserting on social media that the accusations are "blatantly untrue." In an , he said he had reached out to a dancer about working with a choreographer they both had a "mutual respect" for. According to the


star, his message said in full, "Hey! It's Matthew. If you don't mind, would love to get your number and talk you through some things."

He also said that his firing should not "take away from the show, because dance has always been a unifying and healing modality." Reps for Morrison and Fox did not respond to EW's request for comment at the time.

Siwa, tWitch, and Morrison were named back in April, after Fox announced that the beloved series would finally after three years of delays. It was a shock to learn that series co-creator


and longtime judge would not be part of the new season — Lythgoe has said he was and Murphy told EW she was "greatly saddened" not to come back. Amid the judges' table chaos, there is one familiar face: host , who will surely continue to guide fans through the season with that iconic accent and fabulous outfits.

airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.


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