Keith Urban accidentally films Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham canoodling at a Taylor Swift concert

Introducing Keith Urban, the renowned country star, also known as Mr. Nicole Kidman, and now, unintentional tea peddler. This Australian cowboy found himself in the spotlight when he attended a Taylor Swift concert with his wife and accidentally caused a stir on the internet. During the concert backstage, where he was grooving alongside his Oscar-winning spouse, Urban decided to give a shout-out to Swift for inviting them. He captured the moment on a TikTok video, where the couple showcased their dance moves.

Little did Urban know, Phoebe Bridgers, a friend of Swift's and occasional opening act for her shows, happened to be in the background, quietly going about her own business. She was captured in the video while engaged in a conversation with the tall and accomplished filmmaker and actor, Bo Burnham. Recent rumors have linked Bridgers and Burnham romantically, following the end of Bridgers' engagement to Paul Mescal in December of last year. The two have been spotted together on multiple occasions, fueling speculation about their relationship.

Even before any potential romantic connection, Bridgers and Burnham already had a mutual admiration. Bridgers, a member of the Boygenius band, released a cover of Burnham's "That Funny Feeling" from his acclaimed Netflix special, "Inside," in 2021. The cover was released as a way to support Texas abortion funds. However, with Urban inadvertently capturing their interaction on camera, it seems that their private moment has now become public knowledge. This humorous incident serves as a reminder that if you happen to be dating someone who happens to be the tallest person within a 300-ft radius, you should always be mindful of Australians wielding camera phones.

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