Eternal Love: Unbreakable Bonds in the Love is Blind Journey

Love is Blind has become a popular reality TV show where couples get engaged without ever seeing each other. Now, fans are eager to know which couples from the show are still together. This article reveals all the Love is Blind couples that have managed to stay in love and are still going strong.

Firstly, Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed are one of the most beloved couples on Love is Blind. They got engaged on the show and eventually got married in real life. Their relationship has been an inspiration for many viewers, proving that love truly is blind.

Another successful couple from the show is Barnett and Amber Pike. Despite some ups and downs, they managed to work through their differences and are still together. Their strong bond has stood the test of time and they continue to support each other.

Next, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers have also managed to keep their love alive. Although they did experience a dramatic breakup during the show, they realized that they still had feelings for each other and decided to give their relationship another chance. Currently, they are still going strong and looking forward to a happy future together.

Laurel Stucky and Mark Cuevas are another couple that managed to make their relationship work. Although they faced challenges and uncertainties on the show, they have persevered and are committed to making their love last. They continue to build a strong foundation for their relationship and are hopeful for the future.

Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase are the only couple on Love is Blind that didn't end up getting engaged on the show. However, this didn't stop them from pursuing their love after the show finished filming. They realized that they had a deep connection and wanted to give their relationship a chance. Currently, they are happily dating and excited for what the future holds.

Lastly, Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas were one of the more controversial couples on Love is Blind. Despite facing numerous obstacles, they ultimately decided to part ways. However, both of them have moved on and found love outside of the show. Even though their relationship ended, they have both grown and found happiness on their separate paths.

In conclusion, Love is Blind has proven that love can truly transcend physical appearances. These couples have shown that their connections were genuine and have managed to maintain their relationships even after the show ended. It remains to be seen what the future holds for these couples, but for now, they continue to inspire viewers with their love stories.

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