Generally, cats do not resist their owners. Is it because they cannot fight, but in fact, cats have other thoughts in their hearts

Cats often obediently submit to their owners when scolded or punished. But why don't they resist? Is it because they can't fight back? Actually, there are other reasons that pet owners should know. Firstly, cats understand they can't defeat their owners and prefer to bully the weak. They also feel remorse and apologize when they know they have done something wrong.

Some cats fear becoming stray and are sensitive to abandonment. Cats may hold grudges and seek revenge later. Lastly, harsh punishment can cause cats to be fearful and submissive. It is important for pet owners to patiently teach and train their cats with treats to ensure their obedience. Cats are loving creatures and will not resist their owners because they love them. It is equally important for owners to show their love by selecting quality food for their cats, as diet is crucial to their health.

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