After wandering for 2 years, the dog lost its weight and miraculously regained its owner, "rushing into its embrace" and crying in grievance: I miss you so much

A Ukrainian animal shelter witnessed a heartwarming reunion. They rescued a large dog with beautiful blue eyes, but it was underweight and malnourished with messy fur and bald patches. Worried about its appearance, the shelter posted an adoption appeal, stating that the adopter would be responsible for ongoing treatment.

Many people hesitated, but when kind-hearted netizens shared the post, they discovered that the dog actually had an owner! Two days after the post, a stranger messaged the shelter, attaching a photo and exclaiming that her dog had been stolen two years ago and looked similar.

With hope in the air, they arranged a meeting. As the woman approached the dog and touched its head, the dog instantly recognized her as its owner. It jumped excitedly into her arms, expressing its frustration for being separated. The woman couldn't help but cry, and the touching reunion was captured on camera. The shelter shared the video, thanking all the netizens who helped spread the word. Because of them, the dog not only found a home but also found its family after two long years.

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