In order to prevent my grandfather from being lonely, I adopted a cute dog for him and eventually developed it into a "gas tank"

After being adopted, the dog was finally happy with its new owner. Mily, a shy and timid dog, had been in a shelter for a long time without finding a home. Nerve Chick's grandmother passed away, leaving her grandfather lonely. Wanting to bring some happiness back into his life, Nerve Chick decided to adopt a dog. She came across Mily's adoption information online and was instantly drawn to its kind eyes.

Mily was small and cute, weighing only 6 kilograms. When Mily arrived at its new home, it quickly won over the grandfather's heart. He treated Mily like a grandchild, and Mily managed to fill the void left by the grandmother. Nerve Chick envied how well her grandfather took care of Mily.

The dog was spoiled with delicious meals every day, and its weight increased from 12 to 60 kilograms within a year. Nerve Chick felt like Mily had taken her place in the family. Despite the laughter caused by Mily's chubby appearance, Nerve Chick was grateful that the dog brought joy to her grandfather. Mily was loyal and loved by everyone, and the family celebrated its birthday.

Though Mily's weight was a concern, it was a testament to the love the grandfather had for the dog. However, Nerve Chick reminded her grandfather to take care of Mily's health. In the end, Nerve Chick asked the readers if they had pets and how their parents, who were initially against the idea, felt about it now.

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