The owner sold the little golden hair, and when the little golden hair was sent away, the behavior of the golden hair mother made people cry

The greatest thing in the world is not love or friendship, but a mother's love. It is selfless and knows no boundaries. Even our beloved pets exhibit touching behaviors because of it. Take dogs, for example. Some are gentle by nature, but when they become mothers, they show protective gestures like not letting anyone touch their puppies, even if it means being aggressive towards their owners. However, most dog owners cannot keep all the puppies, so they choose to sell them. 

In this story, a Golden Retriever owner had to sell one of the puppies. As the owner placed the puppy in the car's trunk, the mother dog suddenly ran towards them. She stood up and embraced her little one, making it even more heart-wrenching. Although the mother dog couldn't do anything, this embrace was a final farewell. She silently left, leaving her little one alone in the empty trunk. The mother dog wished her puppy to be obedient and well-behaved in the new home. When the owner shared this on the internet, many people were touched by the mother dog's actions. It truly showcased the greatness of a mother's love and brought tears to many. May both these loving dogs be treated with kindness in their lives.

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