When I was a child, I bravely sent away my beloved dog Seven years later, I adopted an old dog with the same name, and after scanning the chip, I immediately burst into tears: I miss you so much!

A woman in Qingdao, China, was reunited with her lost dog, Dudou, after eight years. The woman had to leave Dudou with a neighbor when she had to take care of her sick grandmother. However, when she returned, the neighbor had moved away. After years passed, Dudou found his way back to the woman's new home.

Overwhelmed with emotions, she hugged Dudou and couldn't hold back her tears. They both aged over the years, but the woman was grateful to have Dudou back. She named the new dog that came with Dudou, Meida. Losing a pet is painful, so taking precautions is important.

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