The woman picked up a stray dog and gave it eggs to eat. The dog burst into tears and said, 'I'm really hungry. Thank you!'!

Stray dogs, a group living at the bottom of society, have no homes and rely on garbage for survival. Some fortunate stray dogs encounter kind-hearted people. One day, a woman found a small stray dog on the roadside and decided to take it home. Worried that the dog would be hungry, she fed it an egg.

To her surprise, the dog began to cry while eating the egg, either because it had never tasted such delicious food or it was grateful for the woman's kindness. Moved by the dog's tears, the woman comforted it, promising it a home and eggs every day.

She bathed the dog and provided it with a warm dog house, spending time with it every day. After a month, the small stray dog lived happily and greeted the woman when she returned home from work. However, whenever the woman left for work, the dog's eyes showed a deep longing.

This story highlights the hope for every stray dog to find a good home and escape hunger and hardship. Even the author, who has seen many stray dogs, couldn't help but shed tears. The dog's tears over a single egg suggest its difficult life as a stray.

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