Husky and Kirky fell in love and gave birth to a little dog. Please don't laugh when the little dog grows up

A man adopted a Husky and Corgi mixed-breed puppy a year ago. The cute little pup inherited the Husky's blue eyes and the Corgi's short legs, making it incredibly adorable. Every time the man took the pup out, people were attracted to its tiger-like appearance. The man eagerly anticipated how the little pup would grow up, thinking that if it was already so cute as a puppy, it would only get better.

But now, the dog is one year and two months old, and its face looks quite worn-out. The man realizes that although the dog has big eyes, big ears, and short legs, it somehow looks strange. In the end, the man concludes that even with these cute features, it's not enough. The dog's expression tells it all. So, although it looks more like a Corgi on the outside, deep down, it's a Husky through and through.

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